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चोर बना दिया है आपकी इन अदाओं ने...
आपसे बिना पूछे आपकी DP चुरा लेता हूं.

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5 days ago

लब्ज़ तो बहुत है कहने के लिए,
लेकिन डरता हूँ की कह दिया तो तेरी मुसकान खो जाएगी
और तू उसी समय रो जाएगी।
बस सह लेता हूं तेरी हर नादानियों को,
इस उम्मीद में की एक दिन तू मेरे जज़्बातों को समझ जाएगी।

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2 months ago

When A Person Loves You More Than,
You Deserve But You Love Another One.
Never Explain About Your Love,
Before That Person Who Loves You.
It Will Not Hurt That Person,
Instead Of It Will Kill Him With Every Moment,
You Spent With Him During Every Moment Of Life.

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1 year ago

Never Go To More Close To Anyone,
Because When That Person Goes Far From,
Your Reach It Will Not Hurt You Even,
Kill You With Every Piece Of Broken Heart.

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1 year ago

My Love For You Is A Journey.
Starting At FOREVER And Ending At NEVER.

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1 year ago
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