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When U Truly Care For Someone
Their Mistakes Never Change Ur Feelings
Its The Mind That Gets Angry But The Heart
Still Cares..!

Like: 14 - SMS Length: 136
1 day ago

U Hurt Me More Than What I Deserve
I Loved U More Than What U Deserve..!

Like: 60 - SMS Length: 79
Tags: Love SMS
1 week ago

Dont Compare Ur Life To Others
There's No Comparison Between The
Sun And The Moon
They Shine When Its Their Time..!

Like: 50 - SMS Length: 118
1 week ago

If U Want A Strong And Never Ending Relationship,
Then Learn To Apologize
Even When Its Not Ur Mistake
Its Necessary To Keep The Relationship
Not The Ego..!

Like: 52 - SMS Length: 166
1 week ago

Have A Unique Character Like Salt
Its Presence Is Not Felt
Its Absence Makes Things Tasteless..!

Like: 49 - SMS Length: 103
1 week ago
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