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A True Frnd Is Someone Who
Thinks That U Are A Good Egg
Even Though She Knows That
U Are Slightly Cracked..!

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2 days ago

Everyone Can Speak Sweet Word
Everyone Can Buy Sweet Chocolate
But No One Can Have Sweet Person
Like U
This Greeting Is Specially For U Who
Made My Life Worth Living
I Hope U Stay In My Life Forever..!

Like: 28 - SMS Length: 207
3 days ago

Today Is Frndship Day
Before I Wish U Happy Frndship
Day I Just Want To Say..
Sorry For Whenever I Hurt U
I Am Sure I Didn't Mean It
Remember No Matter Where U Are
Or In What Condition
I'll Always Be There For U..!

Like: 25 - SMS Length: 221
3 days ago

It's Frndship Day
And I'm Sending You A Big Hug
To Wish You A Great Day
Memories Of You Fill My Mind
Like Thousands Of Bright Stars
In The Sky
Miss You My Friend..!

Like: 25 - SMS Length: 170
3 days ago

रोज़ रोज़ गिर कर मुकम्मल खड़ा हूँ,
ज़िन्दगी देख में तुझसे कितना बड़ा हूँ.

Like: 4 - SMS Length: 190
Tags: Hindi SMS
3 days ago
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