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What Is Birthday ???
The Best Answer Given By Dr. Abdul Kalam,
"The Only Day In Life,
Where Your Mother Smiled When U Cried" .!!

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4 hours ago

There is no difference between COMPLETE and FINISH.
But when u love a right person, u r COMPLETE.
and when u love a wrong person,u r FINISHED..

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1 week ago

"Accepting Many Wrong Persons,
May Not Effect Our Life But
Neglecting One Right Person
Will Leave Us Broken Through Our Life"

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1 week ago

"Waqt" Aur "Pyaar"
Zindagi Mein Bahut Khaas Hote Hain.
"Waqt" Kisi Ka Nahin Hota


"Pyaar" Har Kisi Se Nahin Hota.!

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1 week ago

Don't Expect Anything From Any Relation,
Because It Gives Pain Only.

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1 week ago
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