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Nice Saying SMS

A Blow From Ur Frnd Is Better Than
A Kiss From Ur Enemy
Walking With A Frnd In The Dark Is
Better Than Walking Alone In The Night..!

Like: 20 - SMS Length: 138
2 days ago

Everyone Can Speak Sweet Word
Everyone Can Buy Sweet Chocolate
But No One Can Have Sweet Person
Like U
This Greeting Is Specially For U Who
Made My Life Worth Living
I Hope U Stay In My Life Forever..!

Like: 28 - SMS Length: 207
3 days ago

U Are Not Responsible For What Ur Frnds Do
U Will Be Judged By The Company U Keep..!

Like: 31 - SMS Length: 92
6 days ago

Galatfehmi Ka Ek Pal Itna Zehrela Hota Hai.
Jo Pyar Bhare Sau Lamho Ko,
Ek Pal Me Bhula Deta Hai....!!

Like: 9 - SMS Length: 104
1 week ago

Zindgi Bhi Kitni Ajeeb Hai.
Muskuraao To Log Jalte Hain.
Tanha Raho To Sawal Karte Hain..!

Like: 34 - SMS Length: 92
2 weeks ago
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