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Cute Line About Life,
Don't Depress Herself In Any Moment Of Life,
Live It With A Face Full Of Smile
Why Waste Time Crying
When U Know U R Here Just For A While.

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2 days ago

Life Is At Weakest When
There's More Doubt Than Trust
Life Is At Its Strongest When U Learn,
How To Trust In Spite Of The Doubts.

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2 days ago

Raaste Kahan Khatm Hote Hai,
Zindagi Ke Safar Mein,

Manzil To Vahin Hai,
Jahan Khwahishein Tham Jaaye.

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2 days ago

Sabhi Insaan Hai Magar Farq Sirf Itna Hai,
Koi Zakhm Deta Hai To
Koi Zakhm Bharta Hai.
Humsafar Bahut Hai Magar Farq
Sirf Itna Hai,
Koi Saath Deta Hai To Koi Chhod Deta Hai.
Pyaar Sabhi Karte Hai Magar Farq
Sirf Itna Hai, Koi Jaan Deta Hai To
Koi Jaan Leta Hai.

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2 days ago

Bhrosa Karo Toh,
Sirf 1 Usi Shaks Par Jo.

"Aapke" Andar Ki
3 Chizo Ko Dekh Sake.

1-hansi Ke Piche Ka Dard.

2-gusse Ke Piche Ka Pyar Or

3-khamosh Rehne Ki Wajah.!!!

Like: 21 - SMS Length: 177
2 days ago
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