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What Is Birthday ???
The Best Answer Given By Dr. Abdul Kalam
"The Only Day In Life,
Where Your Mother Smiled When U Cried".

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5 days ago

Taqdeer Ke L¡khe Par Kv Sh¡kwa Na Karna.

Ae ¡Nsaan.

Tu ¡Tna Aqalmand Nah¡ K¡,
Rabb Ke ¡Raade Samajh Sake..!

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6 days ago

Great Saying-

If You Want To Judge Your Relation,
Make Few Mistakes..
Its The Only Point,
Where Relationships Show Their Originality.

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6 days ago

If You Succeed In Cheating Someone,
Don't Think That The Person Is A Fool.
Realize That The Person Trusted You
Much More Than You Deserved.!

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1 week ago

A Good Relationship Is Not
When Two Perfect People Come Together.
But It Is When Two Imperfect People
Learn To Enjoy Their Differences.

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1 week ago
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