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Jis Dar Pe Kadar Na Ho,
Vha Jaakar Kya Lena,
Jo Dukh Dard Baant Na Ske,
Use Apna Bna Kar Kya Lena.

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3 days ago

4 Most Painful Things:
1) Trying To Hide What You Really
2) Loving Someone Who Loves
3) Your Friends Avoid Without Any Reason.
4) Taking Risk To Fall In Love Again.

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4 days ago

Cute Line About Life,
Don't Depress Herself In Any Moment Of Life,
Live It With A Face Full Of Smile
Why Waste Time Crying
When U Know U R Here Just For A While.

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1 week ago

Life Is At Weakest When
There's More Doubt Than Trust
Life Is At Its Strongest When U Learn,
How To Trust In Spite Of The Doubts.

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1 week ago

Raaste Kahan Khatm Hote Hai,
Zindagi Ke Safar Mein,

Manzil To Vahin Hai,
Jahan Khwahishein Tham Jaaye.

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1 week ago
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