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"Wise Advice"
"Start Working To Fulfill Ur Dream,
Or Else Some Day Someone Will Put U In Work
To Fulfill Their Dream..
Think About It.

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2 days ago

Don't Feel Low When Someone Doubts Your Caliber
Just Be Proud Of "Yourself"
People Always Doubt The "Gold",
For Its "Purity"
Not The "Iron"

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2 days ago

Happiness Is Not Something U Postpone For The Future.
It's Something U Design For The Present.
Make Each Moment A Happy One,..
B Happy Alwaz..
Nice Day

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2 days ago

Don't Love A Friend Like A Flower,
A Flower Dies In Season.
Love Them Like A River,
Because A River Flows Forever.

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2 days ago

If Somebody Loves U Truly,
Don't Use Their Emotions For Ur Enjoyment..

Coz Today U Are Being Loved,
Some Day U Will Also Love Someone..!

Like: 5 - SMS Length: 141
2 days ago
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