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Truth Is Like A Surgery
It Hurts But It Heals
A Lie Is Like A Painkiller
It Gives Instant Relief
But Has Side Effects Forever....!

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1 week ago

Enjoy And Love Every Moment
Of Life Don't Save It Bcoz
There Is No System To Get Refund
On An Unused Life....!

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1 week ago

Whenever You Get Pain In Your Life
Just Think About The Full Form Of Pains..
"Positive Attitude In Negative Situation "
Follow It And Your Life Will Change....!

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1 week ago

We Don't Grow When Things
Are Easy
But We Grow When We Face Challenges....!

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1 week ago

Lachaar Par Kabhi Atyachaar Nahi Karti
Mare Hue Par Apna Adhikaar Nahi Karti
Sab Jante Hain Ki Bhuke Rehna Manzoor Hai
Par Sherni Kabhi Langur Ka Shikar Nahi Karti..!

Like: 109 - SMS Length: 169
3 weeks ago
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