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1 Day I Will Leave The World Nd Never Come
U Will Cry When U See My Number..
U Will Miss Me When U Sit Alone..
There Will Be No More Me To Tease,
Irritate, Make U Laugh & Say Soryy
Stupidly. .
Tears Might Flow Out Of Eyes
But I Will Gone..
So Enjoy My Silly Stupid Company
As Much Before I
Close My Eyes Foreever..

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1 day ago

I Stopped Explaining Myself
When I Realized
People Only Understand
From Their Level Of Perception.

Like: 17 - SMS Length: 101
5 days ago

Never Respond To Rudeness.
When People Are Rude To You,
They Reveal Who They Are,
Not Who You Are.
Don't Take It Personally.
Be Silent

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5 days ago

" Ek Line Mere Apno Ke Liye "

Bas Ek Choti Si Dua Hai Ki,
Jin Lamho Me Aap Khush Rahte Ho,
Wo Lamhe Kabhi Khatam Na Ho..!

Like: 38 - SMS Length: 126
1 week ago

Our Hopes And Dreams Should Be Like Hair And Nail,
No Matter How Many Times They Get Cut,
But They Never Stop Growing.

Like: 39 - SMS Length: 120
2 weeks ago
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