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Jiske Samne Aap Hans Sakte Ho..
Uske Sath Aap Pura Ek Din Bita Skte Ho,


Jiske Samne Aap Ro Sakte Ho.
Uske Sath Puri Zindgi Bita Sakte Ho.!

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1 day ago

"Best Inspiration Msz"
Don't Place Ur Mistakes On Ur Head,
Its Weight May Crush U Down
Instead Place Them Under Ur Feet &
Use It As A Platform 2 View New Horizons.

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5 days ago

Lucky Means Who Get The Opportunity.
Brilliant Means Who Create The Opportunity.
Winner Means Who Use The Opportunity.
Be A Winner Always.

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5 days ago

Best Wise Advise"
Your Dream Will Not Die,
Your Plans Wil Not Fail
Your Destiny Wil Not Be Aborted,
The Desire Of Ur Heart Wil Be Granted,
Only If U Believe In Yourself.

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5 days ago

"Disappointment Is Just The
Distance Between Expectation & Reality.
So Either Expect Less & Accept The Reality
Or Expect A Lot & Turn Into A Reality.

Like: 9 - SMS Length: 153
5 days ago
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