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रोया हूँ बहुत तब जरा करार मिला है;
इस जहाँ में किसे भला सच्चा प्यार मिला है;
गुजर रही है जिंदगी इम्तिहान के दौर से;
एक ख़तम तो दूसरा तैयार मिला है.

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6 hours ago

Cute Line About Life,
Don't Depress Herself In Any Moment Of Life,
Live It With A Face Full Of Smile
Why Waste Time Crying
When U Know U R Here Just For A While.

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1 day ago

Life Is At Weakest When
There's More Doubt Than Trust
Life Is At Its Strongest When U Learn,
How To Trust In Spite Of The Doubts.

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1 day ago

Life Is A Novel.
And Every Day Is A New Page.
If One Page Is Sad Next Will Be Happy.
So Don't Worry Just Turn The Page & Enjoy Life.

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1 day ago

Jism Chaahne Ko Mohabbat Ka Naam Na Do
Gunaah Hai Ye Isko Ibaadat Ka Naam Na Do.
Jo Do Shabdon Ki Hifaazat Na Kar Sake
Uske Haatho Zindagi Ki Poori Kitaab Na Do!

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1 day ago
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